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Alfred Binet invented the IQ test – not as a measure of innate intellect or ability, nor as a number by which someone’s capabilities could be determined – but as a way of identifying children who were not profiting from the Paris public school system.  Binet, far from believing IQ was a measure of natural-born talent, said that anyone could achieve anything with “practice, training, and above all, method”.  Taking these three words – uttered a century ago – as its premise, “The IQ Myth” explores the importance of hard work and practice – rather than innate ability or intellect – in improving one’s intelligence.  Primarily written for school teachers – though a fascinating book for anyone interested in the science of how we learn – “The IQ Myth” examines the true nature of intelligence and argues that nurture is more important than nature when it comes to realising one’s potential. Read more

Our Current Best-Seller

SPaG_Book_Cover_for_KindleSPaG Book: A Teacher’s Guide to Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar

by Matilda Rose

This book is the perfect companion for teachers of spelling, punctuation, and grammar…and now the National Curriculum and Ofsted consider EVERY teacher to be a teacher of literacy, that means you!  Whether you’re a grammar novice who doesn’t know his adverbs from his elbow, or an expert English teacher who never splits his infinitives, this book has something for you. It explains the role SPaG has to play in the primary and secondary curricular, from EYFS to A Level. It explains what the SPaG assessment criteria means in practice. And it shares advice and ideas on what to teach and how to teach it.  Read more

Featured Authors

Matilda Rose is a teacher and writer who lives near Reading where she can often be seen on the high street correcting grocer’s apostrophes. You can follow her on Twitter @between2thorns and read her blog at She is the author of our best-selling title, SPaG Book, and is currently working hard finding ways to avoid writing a follow-up about literacy across the curriculum.

MJ Bromley is a school and college leader who lives on a train shuttling between North Yorkshire and the Midlands. You can follow him on Twitter @mj_bromley and read his blog at His latest book is called How to Become a School Leader. He has also written Leadership for LearningThe IQ MythOfsted: Thriving Not Surviving, and The Art of Public Speaking. He is due to start writing a new book about teaching and learning in the summer of 2014.

Sam Ripley is a head of department in a comprehensive school in the North East.  He isn’t yet on Twitter and hasn’t yet started a blog but assures us he can use a toaster. He is currently writing a book about middle leadership.

Tori Matthews is an editor and content manager for Autus Education and writes education news for The Schools Blog when she isn’t chasing the above for deadlines. You can follow her on Twitter: @ToriEducation

We’re always looking for new authors with great ideas. If you’d like to write for Autus Books, drop us a line with an outline of your proposed book: include a list of contents, a blurb, and a draft copy of your first chapter.


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